Picasso Dental Laser
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As a dental professional serving the Indianapolis community, I am proud to offer patients personalized treatment with state-of-the-art equipment such as the Picasso dental laser. This safe and minimally invasive technology requires little or no anesthesia on the patient’s part, and significantly reduces post-operation discomfort and healing time. I particularly recommend it for patients suffering from periodontal diseases affecting the gums and other soft tissues. The Picasso dental laser has additional functions in treating cases of persistent cold sores and other forms of oral ulceration. Not only does this mitigate the symptoms of these painful lesions, but it minimizes the chances of sores recurring.

The Picasso soft-tissue diode works on the gingiva by directing a minute amount of laser-generated light energy at precise points between the tooth and the gums. This effectively reduces bacterial colonies associated with tartar buildup that can lead to tooth supportive-bone decay. The Picasso dental laser is also effective for cosmetic treatments involving recessive gums. Reshaping the gingiva, the procedure effectively gives patients back their smiles and eliminates the types of infections which undermine oral health.

One of the aspects of the Picasso dental laser approach that patients appreciate most is its quickness: the laser portion of treatment takes mere seconds. Patients notice an immediate reduction in their discomfort level with the majority experiencing a complete cessation of pain. Many patients I treat have approached the laser-assisted procedure with fear and trepidation only to find themselves enjoying a quick and relaxing dental visit.

In addition to the Picasso laser treatment, my office offers DIAGNOdent laser technologies, which is an effective procedure for identifying cavities while they are still in the early stages. Intra-oral cameras enable the staff to guide patients through a virtual tour of their own mouths, identifying areas in need of better hygiene as well as those requiring future treatment.

About the author: Dr. Tracey Williams earned her D.M.D. from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in Kentucky. She began practicing dentistry in Arkansas and eventually relocated to Indiana. She has offered comprehensive dental care to Indianapolis patients of all ages for the past seven years.

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